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089/54 311 452

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Daniel Hartmann Osteopath

Daniel Hartmann

Patricia Roth Osteopathin


Maximilian Hübner Osteopath

Maximilian Huebner

Anna-Lena Roß Osteopathin


Lennart Ungruhe Osteopath

Lennart Ungruhe

Eva Heß Osteopathin



Billing is based on the GeBüH (list of fees for alternative practitioners Gebuehrenverzeichnis-fuer-Heilpraktiker ). The costs for a session with a detailed anamnesis, examination and treatment with different osteopathic techniques depend on the workload and amount to between 90 and 120 euros. This is generally covered by private health insurances, benefit funds and supplementary insurances in accordance with your personal contractual conditions (unless naturopathy and alternative methods have been contractually excluded).

Some statutory health insurance companies currently cover the costs of osteopathic treatments on a pro rata basis. For information on reimbursement, please contact your statutory health insurance company directly, as this varies greatly from one health insurance provider to another.

Often private providers or your statutory health insurance company offer inexpensive supplementary insurance, which then covers the costs.
Your health insurance company will answer any questions you may have.


Dear patients, we would like to point out the cancellation policy: Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance, Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., free of charge and without giving a reason.

The cancellation is valid as soon as it has been made by telephone.

Appointments that are canceled with less than 24 hours or not canceled will be billed, as we work purely as an ordering practice. This means that the agreed time is reserved exclusively for you and you are usually spared the waiting times that are common elsewhere.

This agreement not only serves to avoid waiting times in the organizational sense, but also establishes mutual contractual obligations. If you do not cancel the appointment in good time, you will be billed for the allotted time and the remuneration or the unused time in accordance with Section 615 BGB. Thank you for your understanding and your timely cancellation.



Steinsdorfstrasse 2, 80538 Munich

089/54 311 454


Josef-Retzer-Strasse 57, 81241 Munich

089/54 311 452

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